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Around the World with 5 Exotic Organic Essential Oils

Every traveller knows the joy and value of collecting travel memorabilia and holiday mementos; each item telling its own story about a place and its people. In the same way, trees, plants and herbs, when distilled, can conjure up the essence and healing powers of a place or a special experience. We have curated a unique collection of organic essential oils from around the world, taking you on an aromatherapy adventure as we celebrate the wonder of nature’s droplets. 

‘Bienvenida a Sudamerica’ - Petitgrain oil

We start our travels in South America with the essential oil, ‘Petitgrain,’ native to Paraguay. This oil comes from the bitter orange tree which produces three oils: Petitgrain, Neroli and Bitter Orange. Organic Petitgrain oil is distilled from the twigs and leaves, Neroli from the blossoms, and Bitter Orange from the rind of the fruit. Often living in the shadow of Neroli, Petitgrain (@ $5.95/10ml) has been nicknamed the ‘poor man’s neroli,’ as it costs about 25x less than Neroli (@ $150.95/10ml), but is still packed full of similar benefits. 

Organic essential oils

If you suffer from insomnia or restless sleep patterns, place a few drops of Petitgrain oil on your pillow before bedtime; the uplifting floral, woody notes and citrus undertones will promote restful sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety. Diffused, Petitgrain blends beautifully with Bergamot or Lavender essential oils to promote calm and relaxation. 

A few drops of organic Petitgrain essential oil, mixed with Fractionated Coconut carrier oil, does double duty: for foot massages or used as part of your skincare regimen to help with blemishes and imperfections. 

‘Bienvenue en Nouvelle Calédonie’ - Niaouli & Tamanu oils

Next, we head to the Pacific Ocean and the island of New Caledonia to introduce you to ‘Niaouli’ (aka the Paper Bark tree), a favorite among aromatherapy fans. Organic Niaouli essential oil is a cousin to Tea Tree oil, and its strong, pungent smell and antiseptic properties are said to boost the immune system. 

As an astringent, its cleansing properties help to reduce acne and redness, tone and tighten the skin, calm sunburn, stimulate cell growth and reverse scar tissue. 

For respiratory conditions, Niaouli oil has proven beneficial in relieving congestion and reducing excess phlegm. (No wonder it is called a miracle oil).

Organic essential oils

Niaouli may not be the best smelling of oils, but it makes up for that with its myriad of therapeutic benefits. (For a pleasing aroma, blend with Eucalyptus, Bergamot or Lavender essential oils). 

Remaining in Polynesia, Tamanu’ oil is not an essential oil but a carrier oil from the tropical evergreen Tamanu nut tree. It is rich in fatty acids and is referred to as ‘green gold’ and ‘beauty leaf oil.' Tamanu oil’s skin benefits are numerous: for treating scars, wound healing, skin regeneration, anti-ageing, diminishing stretch marks and reducing age spots. (Caution: anyone with a nut allergy should avoid this oil). 

‘Tapai lai Nepal ma swagat cha’ - Palmarosa oil

‘You are welcome in Nepal,’ home to the rosy fragranced and herbaceous grassy oil - ‘Palmarosa’ (aka Indian Geranium), similar to lemongrass. In ancient civilizations, Palmarosa oil was used to lower fevers and prevent infection, but today it is more popular in cosmetics to balance the skin’s oil production, and when diffused, it is said to ease tension and balance emotions.  

Organic Palmarosa essential oil can be diffused (it blends really with Pink Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Lime or Rosemary oils), added to your bath water or applied topically. As a massage oil, add 6-12 drops to 1oz Argan carrier oil

‘Tongasoa eto Madagasikara’ - Ravintsara oil

Making our way west, we arrive in Madagascar to discover ‘Ravintsara’ oil - a staple organic essential oil in any family’s first-aid kit. In Malagasy, ‘ravina’ means leaf and ‘tsara’ means good, so, loosely translated, the oil comes from ‘the tree with good leaves’ or ‘the leaf good for everything.’  Organic Ravintsara’s spicy and warm fragrance is slightly milder than eucalyptus. 

As an immuno-support oil, it is reputed to having strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. To use topically, dilute a few drops in a vegetable carrier oil and rub onto the chest.  

(Caution: Ravintsara should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy, in breastfeeding mothers or on children under 4 years of age).

‘Welcome to Sanctus Essence’

At Sanctus Essence, we have sourced organic essential oils from around the world. We believe that the life of an essential oil is directly proportional to the purity of its source and so we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our suppliers meet ironclad quality standards. All our organic oils are sourced from certified organic growers and distillers and we openly disclose ingredients and third-party lab results. Each of our products meets the USDA’s standards.

Shop all our organic essential oils and carrier oils, and enjoy nature’s gifts from around the world. 

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