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Banish the 'Winter Blues' with Organic Essential Oils

There are many reasons to love winter: snowfalls and tobogganing, hot chocolate and crackling fires, and bundling up in thick scarves, woolly hats and knitted socks. But Jack Frost is not everyone’s seasonal friend and all do not welcome the onslaught of icy weather and the biting chill. Winter colds and flu, muscle pain, dry scalp, hair falling out and dry skin are common winter complaints as shortened days and less sunlight bring on the ‘winter blues.’ So why not turn to nature’s remedies to improve your mood with organic essential oils? 

"Winter blues are cured every time with a potato gratin paired with a roast chicken." -Alexandra Guarnaschelli

We completely agree with Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s mouthwatering comfort food solution, but we also believe that organic essential oils are a wonderful and natural alternative to curing the winter blues. (After all, it’s probably not advisable to eat potato gratin and roast chicken every day!)

Take a deep breath

Congestion, stuffy noses and mild respiratory issues are common winter ailments in adults and children. Organic peppermint essential oil is definitely a winter ‘essential’ for clearing the respiratory system and nasal passages. 

Peppermint oil comes from the leaves of the peppermint plant, and for centuries it has been used for digestive relief, boosting the immune system and helping fight the common cold. One of its many compounds is menthol (C10H20O), which gives it such a refreshing quality. Apply directly to the skin diluted in a carrier oil or add to a diffuser and inhale to breathe easier. We recommend storing your peppermint oil in a cool dark place for freshness and longevity. 

Organic essential oils for winter blues

Its gentler sidekick, Spearmint oil, is the child-safe version for relieving congestion symptoms relating to colds and flu and to ease digestive and tummy aches in little ones. Dilute in a carrier oil and rub on the chest, abdomen or under the feet.

Organic Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil is also an excellent winter alternative oil for helping relieve respiratory conditions. Eucalyptus trees have long been known for their medicinal qualities and are used to relieve coughing and help loosen mucus on your chest. Eucalyptus oil is safe for children over 10 at a recommended 1% dilution with a carrier oil and a 2% dilution for adults. You can also add a few drops to boiling water and inhale the steam for a few minutes. 

Soothe dry winter skin

From kids to adults, dry cracked skin and cold sores are a winter pain. Organic Helichrysum Splendidum essential oil (we just love saying it) is a child-friendly oil and a favourite for countering dry and flaky winter skin by increasing the skin’s hydration. It is also a great oil for brightening up dull skin that is looking tired and weathered from exposure to cold air or pollution. It comes from the Helichrysum plant which is also known as the immortal or everlasting flower. Just add a few drops to your moisturizing cream or to organic fractionated coconut carrier oil. Its soothing components are also popular as an aftershave. 

(Speaking of shaving, we have an entire blog dedicated to guys and beards).

Organic essential oils for winter blues

The anti-inflammatory properties of Eucalyptus Globulus oil are also known to reduce the pain and help to speed up the healing of cold sores. Dilute in a carrier oil and apply directly to the cold sore. 

Your skin might not only be dry but also red and inflamed, thanks to the icy winter wind. In this case, Geranium Rose essential oil is a skin saver and positively glows with its own unique benefits. It can help calm skin irritations and inflammation with its soothing and moisturizing qualities and it will help to balance out your winter skin. 

Our blog, The Geranium Rose Garden of Essential Oils highlights this delightful floral oil and its myriad of benefits, and just reading it will help to further banish any winter blues. 

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