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From Bottle to Soil: Retracing the Paths of Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are the liquid gold of nature - emerging as its poetry, its perfume, its powerhouse, and its purity. Each bottle holds secret pathways to the most magical kingdom of all: Mother Earth. But as you browse the many varieties of essential oils available - losing yourself in fields of lavender, gardens of geranium roses, and plantations of peppermint - you may be wondering what sets organic essential oils apart from other essential oils. Is ‘organic’ just a word? 

To unearth the benefits of  organic essential oils, we are retracing the steps of their production to discover why ‘organic’ is so much more than a word. It is the essence of nature in its purest form. 


So, pack your lemongrass organic essential oil (perfect for the outdoors!)  and journey with us - we’re going back to the very beginning! 


Organic Values

At its core, the word ‘organic’ captures a value system - a strong conviction and philosophy that diffuses itself into farming and lifestyle practices. It aims to stay true to nature’s principles and respect its purity. The organic practice is a holistic approach to natural farming, prioritising healthy soil quality, no contaminants, toxins, or harmful pesticides in crops, while also supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. 

The journey of organic essential oils began here - with a pure vision and a commitment to nature, which follows through from start to finish - from soil to bottle - ensuring that the purity of nature is kept sacred.


Organic Farming

Organic farming is committed to excellent soil quality - preserving its rich health properties without harmful additives. Herbs, fruit, vegetables, and other crops are cultivated without hazardous chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and other synthetic substances - keeping the earth happy and respecting its healing process.  Organic essential oils are extracted from these well-nourished and much-loved plants, preserving their natural goodness. 

organic essential oils


Organic Manufacturing 

Organic essential oils that are USDA approved are rigorously tested and monitored. They may possess all the sweetness and beauty of nature, but they also possess the integrity of science. The entire manufacturing process - from soil to bottle - is monitored to ensure that these oils meet the highest standards of organic health and quality. From soil to oil, they are tested to make sure that they are free of contaminants and maintain the purest organic requirements throughout the production process. You can rest assured that organic essential oils are reputable and safe, preserving the purest integrity. 


Organic Home  

After travelling the pathways of nature, organic essential oils end up in your home. Because the whole journey has been devoted to nature, all the health and therapeutic benefits Mother Earth has to offer are yours in a bottle. The intense purity of these oils unlocks sensational (literally!) aromatherapy and meditation powers.

 Organic essential oils have a stronger and purer aroma - creating a space for you to enter the gardens and fields where they were originally produced. Since they have a lower residue of toxins and other chemical additives, they have a greater proportion of their natural active ingredient - making them healthier and more effective. 

Are you ready to unleash the pure joys of organic essential oils in your everyday life?

Sanctus Essence is your one-stop online store for essential oils, committed to pure honesty, simple transparency and a strict moral code. 

Browse our wide selection of organic essential oils. They are all USDA approved, so you can have peace of mind. 

Now, breathe. These oils have made a journey through nature and the gentlest processes to get to you. Trust the process and find your healing. 

Find out how carrier oils can transform your experience of organic essential oils. 

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