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Essential Oils - Add Life with Indoor Plants

From botanicals to succulents, the greenery of indoor plants is trending - for wellness and aesthetics. Not only do they bring the outdoors in, but they also transform any urban space into a sanctuary of relaxation. By making natural elements part of our everyday lives, we are likely to be more grounded and happy. So it makes sense that organic essential oils and indoor plants would be a holistic and winning combination.  

Interacting with nature and its organic shapes is one of the easiest ways to reduce mental fatigue, encourage positivity and invite a sense of calm into your home. Indoor plants have also been linked to increased concentration and productivity. Pure organic essential oils become the perfect partner to boost the life-enhancing value of your indoor plants.  

They share the same plant ancestry and should be the obvious choice when it comes to looking after your plants and adding some green joy and life to your home. 

Elementary School Science informs us that indoor plants are good for your health as they purify the air. Plants release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide - thereby freshening the air and eliminating harmful toxins. That makes the mantra of  ‘just breathe’ a whole lot easier. 

So, by introducing a variety of indoor plants into your work and home spaces, you will naturally be boosting your mood and reducing stress.

Essential oils for indoor plants

Pure essential oils simply become a natural partner in keeping these plants healthy and thriving. It is vital we find ways to be grounded in our age of heightened technological complexity, and healthy indoor plants provide us with a daily reminder of the simplicity of life, outside our fast-paced existence.

Let’s talk some aromatherapy options for your indoor plants:

Indoor plant essential oil bug spray

Indoor plants can be plagued by pesky bugs as much as outdoor plants - the most common being aphids, flies, and beetles. A 16oz spray bottle of distilled water and 10 drops each of rosemary, clove, peppermint and sweet orange organic essential oils, sprayed directly onto your indoor plants, will repel these little plant destroyers. Organic cinnamon bark essential oil is an option for cockroaches, silverfish and dust mites.

(Helpful Tip: Indoor plants get minerals from the soil, so only use distilled water and not mineral water with essential oils for indoor plants as they don't need the added minerals).

Indoor plants essential oil growth spray

A combination of 10 drops each of organic lemongrass, rose geranium and frankincense frereana essential oils added to a 16oz spray bottle of distilled water and sprayed around the base and roost of indoor plants seems to encourage healthy growth and foliage. Diffusing these oils close to the plants seems to have a similar effect. 

essential oils for indoor plants

If you are an avid outdoor gardener, please consult our green-fingered blog to make sure your garden grows. 

To keep the leaves of indoor plants looking gorgeous with a natural shine, add a few drops of organic grapefruit pink oil to a mixture of non-toxic liquid dish detergent and water. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and gently clean both the top and bottom of the leaves. Make sure you thoroughly rinse the leaves of all soap. 

Sanctus Essence

If you are new to the world of aromatherapy, then using essential oils for indoor plants is a wonderful introduction to the benefits of nature’s droplets. For your plants to grow, flourish and infuse your home with life and botanical greenery, Sanctus Essence is your indoor gardening assistant. All our essential oils are USDA organic and are sourced from certified organic growers and distillers. 

Add some life with indoor plants and shop all our organic essential oils today.

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