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Essential Oils: An Exercise Tip that is…Simply Natural!

Summer is here and smiling her happy face. In response, your body is rediscovering muscles that have been hibernating! The summer season is designed to get you moving! The warmth of nature is inviting you outside, waking up your muscles, and calling you to keep in step with the happy tune of nature! As an added bonus, Mother Nature is letting you in on a secret exercise tip: essential oils! Don’t underestimate the power these natural drops can have on your exercise regime  (and you!) - taking you from one strength to the next!


Exercise and  essential oils both have the ability to transform your mood and your body. With their powers combined, you will be breaking new grounds!


Essential Oils to Get your Heart Pumping 

Whatever your preferred fitness style – be that cycling and experiencing the power of speed,  or running and feeling the natural resistance of your body against the earth, or taking full advantage of your indoor gym package, you can add some extra love to your heart-pumping cardio. Dilute some  organic sweet orange oil with a  carrier oil  (recommended 1-3% dilution)  and dab on your wrists or temples  (or dilute into the spray bottle that you take to the gym), and get a boost of energy and good mood vibes from its uplifting freshness! Whether you are exercising indoors or outdoors, these bright, citrus essential oils will give you a breath of clear, open air.

If you’re feeling sluggish, Lemongrass oil helps you fight fatigue  (as well as those outdoor summer insects!) – awakening your senses to seize the day and your exercise routine. Peppermint oil’s fresh and uplifting scent, while also sweet and calming, is great for those exercises that require balance and resistance, softness and strength, yin and yang. Yes, all you yoga and pilates people, this one could be for you! It also helps with nausea  (especially if cardio is a new thing for you!)  and opens the respiratory system to help you keep breathing! You can do this!


Essential Oils to Give your Muscles Some Loving

Before and after any exercise routine, it is essential to give your muscles and joints some TLC. This is as beneficial as the exercise itself!  Add essential oils to your pre- and post-workout sessions and get the best relief and preparation you need, right from nature’s health shop.

essential oils

Organic lavender  oil and  oregano oil are both qualified healers for muscle spasms and joint tightness. Combine them with a  carrier oil and give yourself a soothing and relaxing massage, or put a few drops onto your yoga mat for your pre-workout warm-ups. After a good workout, put a few drops of calming  marjoram oil in your bath before you head to bed (it provides beautiful sleep therapy!).


Essential Oils to Get your Body Resting

Essential oils are ideal for your recovery days. Make the most of these rest days – they are as important to your well-being as heavy fitness! If you want to do a little bit of meditation or deep breathing exercises to assist in bringing your mind and body into a state of calm, add a few drops of Frankincense oil into a diffuser or on a pillow, and experience balancing and grounding you need. The spicy aroma of this  essential oil will add depth, meaning, and the opportunity for reflection. 

Further options include  Neroli oil, which can add mindfulness and clarity, as well as peace and love to your day, while  sandalwood oil can help balance the emotions  (especially those that may arise from a day of reflection!). Put a few drops of these  essential oils in a diffuser to add an ambience of calming balance to your space. Otherwise, for more targeted rest, combine these oils with a  carrier oil and give yourself a hand and foot massage. Reflexology is always a good idea! 


For more ideas on how to invite the healing solution of Mother Earth into your lifestyle, visit our  blog page.


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Have a lovely summer!  



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