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Essential Oils ‘Cabin Fever’ Survival Kit: Inviting Nature Inside

The word, ‘coronavirus’ is on everyone’s lips, every social media post, and in every news article. It’s a word that has become as viral as the disease itself, creeping into our minds and weighing heavily on our hearts. In a world that is shutting its doors in self-isolation, many people are experiencing increasing levels of cabin fever, anxiety, and depression. We’re longing to dig our toes into the messy soil and feel the fresh breeze on our faces. If you’re facing the struggles of your four walls and longing for the outdoors,  essential oils can be your fragrant companions to revive your home space and welcome nature indoors.


At  Sanctus Essence, we have compiled a list of  essential oils that will walk you through these  #stayhome days. It’s a survival kit from the heart of Mother Nature - helping you unlock the healing essence of the earth in your home.


Essential Oils to Focus the Mind

When you’re shut indoors with nothing to keep you company but the constant drone of news and social media opinions, it is easy for your mind to become frazzled and frantic. With the added pressure of work deadlines and managing your children’s activities, feeling overwhelmed can quickly lead to distracted despondence!  Essential oils will help keep you focused:


  • If you are battling to fight negative thoughts,  Vetiver and  Ravintsara essential oils will help shift your mindset and boost positivity.
  • When it seems there are too many voices crowding your brain,  Rosemary essential oil will help you gain some clarity and perspective.
  • If being locked indoors is making you feel fidgety and distracted,  Coriander oil will strengthen your memory, while  Spearmint oil will assist your concentration – keeping your mind sharp in your home office!
  • Our  Enlightenment Blend of  essential oils, unique to  Sanctus Essence, is designed to clear up the cloudy spaces of your mind and help you stay alert.
  • Coffee  oil is a bonus ‘pick-me-up’ to get your mind on the right track to start each new day.


Essential oils 

Essential Oils to Balance the Emotions 

Because our bodies are so connected, when our minds are out of balance, our emotions take strain too. When you have cabin fever, every bit of stressful news will challenge your sense of calm and feed your depression and anxiety.  Essential oils can restore your emotional balance, particularly when tumultuous times threaten your sense of wellbeing:


  • Amid the uncertain frenzy of these times, the ancient and trustworthy powers of  Lavender oil will restore calm and help you breathe.
  • Tangerine,  Patchouli and  Sweet Orange essential oils each provide an uplifting solution to beat anxiety, stress and worry.
  • If you’re experiencing ‘the blues’,  Red Mandarin and  Bergamot oils will help soothe and fight the monster of depression.
  • Palmarosa oil settles emotions and relieves the roller-coaster experience.
  • Our  Serene Moments blend are nature’s whisper of tranquillity.


Essential Oils to Refresh the Home 

Introducing the power of  essential oils into your home environment will reflect your inner calm and create a haven of peace and tranquillity. Even when you’re unable to steady your mind and emotions, adding the nurturing magic of Mother Earth to your surroundings will go a long way in uplifting your mind and providing the space for inner healing. 


  • Myrrh oil, great for meditation, is an inviting oil that creates an atmosphere of warmth for a homely, cozy space.
  • Cinnamon bark oil will keep your home grounded, guarding it against the ever-changing times and maintaining a steady, constant home space.
  • Sweet arrival essential oils blend will beat the bad odors and establish a fresh and open environment.
  • For an all-in-one essential oils pack, gift your home with our  Luxury gift set to delight and awaken all your senses.


As an online  essential oils store, Sanctus Essence is committed to bringing nature’s love into your home.

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