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Essential Oils for Guys - Beards, Boots & Man Caves

Historically, the world of aromatherapy has generally held a more feminine appeal, with many guys underestimating the aromatic power and holistic health benefits of these pure droplets from nature. But, as aromatherapy grows in influence in the arena of supplementary medicine, essentials oils for guys are trending and are on track to becoming a hashtag. 

The value of non-toxic and natural products has catapulted essentials oils for guys into the limelight and testimonials abound as to the value certain of these rustic scents have for male grooming, office productivity and overall wellbeing.  

Essential oils for beards

If you are a guy, including pure essential oils into your daily routine is a simple alternative as well as being gentle on the skin. Many guys are starting to realise the beneficial value of naturally devised products when it comes to beard growth and general beard grooming. Beards are definitely in - all styles, shapes and sizes - from Goatees, Royale and Van Dyke beards to 3-day stubble, Gunslinger and Hipster beards. Whatever type you are boasting, there are essential oils for guys that will help with beard growth and beard care. 

Essential oils for guys

Beard oils - a combination of organic essential oils and carrier oils - are a win-win for any guy’s beard as they moisturize and condition the skin underneath as well as making your beard smell great. 

Forget craft beers, you can now craft your own signature beard oil from the range of essential oils that have an earthy ‘masculine’ scent.

We’re talking the woodsy and sultry aromas of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Tea tree which will all help to combat any itchiness, dryness and dandruff. In fact, add them to your shampoo or conditioner for the same benefits for dry scalp. 

(And if your chiselled chin prefers to go beardless, then these essential oils are just as perfect as an aftershave or cologne spritz).

Favorite carrier essential oils for guys are Jojoba oil and Coconut fractionated oil. Go ahead and experiment by mixing 2oz of carrier oil with 8-10 drops of your essential oil of choice. These beard oil combinations work better when shaken, not stirred. 😉

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Essential oils for boots

A little known medical fact is that there are more sweat glands in your feet than anywhere else on your body. When bacteria break down the sweat, the result is foul-smelling boots and sneakers. Stinky footwear tends to be more of guy problem, but specific essential oils come to the rescue, treating shoe odor naturally. 

Essential oils for guys

The best essential oil odor-eliminators for guys are spicy Bergamot and exotic Frankincense frereana as they lift and remove the smell from the shoes. Just add a couple of drops to the inside of your shoe - neat - and let dry before wearing. (But any of the citrus essential oils will work just as well. Feel to apply to gym bags as well).

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Essential oils for man caves (& offices)

The incessant stresses and pressures of the daily working grind and hustle have many guys fantasizing about man caves.

The diffused essence and scents of essential oils for guys have the power of transforming any space into a relaxing ‘man cave.’

Essential oils for guys

Inhaling the diffused masculine and grounding fragrances of Bergamot and Clary Sage essential oils will help fight modern-day stresses and anxieties, inviting the outdoors in and restoring peace and harmony. Bergamot is uplifting and energetic and can help with anger and frustration, while Clary Sage is well noted for balancing and calming emotions. Instead of that mid-afternoon coffee pick-me-up, the musky, spicy scent of Patchouli will take the place of a power nap and re-energize and awaken your focus. 

Sitting at a desk for a large part of the say can cause tired muscles. The benefits of the exotic citrus scent of Frankincense oil, diluted in a carrier oil, works wonders when rubbed into sore joints and it is also known to boost the immune system. 

These recommended essential oils for guys are a much cheaper alternative than the cost of renovating your house to include a man cave!

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Sanctus Essence 

The team at Sanctus Essence believe in harnessing the pure and natural power of nature. We believe that the life of an essential oil is directly proportional to the purity of its source and so we ensure that our suppliers meet ironclad quality standards. All our organic essential oil products are sourced from certified organic growers and distillers. 

Essential oils for guys are part of our extensive range of organic oils - so whether you are looking to escape to your ‘man cave,’ need to get rid of unpleasant shoe odors or want to care for or promote the growth of your beard, then our Sanctus Essence organic oils and carrier oil collections will have you sorted. 


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