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A Gift from Nature: Create a Home Spa with Essential Oils

As we face a global pandemic, from the confines of our homes, it becomes more necessary than ever to transform our homes into sanctuaries of love and healing. But it is also important to give some tender loving care to the most valuable and priceless home you have – your own body. Wherever you are, remember to pamper this ‘dwelling’ that you inhabit and make it a space for love and beauty to thrive. When you give your body the time and therapeutic attention it deserves, serenity and acceptance can blossom. By harnessing the natural treasures of essential oils from  Sanctus Essence, you can create an aromatic in-house spa for some much-deserved spoiling.  

As you indulge in these natural health and beauty treatments, you will start your journey to your true inner home. With these loving ingredients for self-care, captured in essential oils, unlock the benefits that Mother Earth provides. 

Listen to the call to pause and breathe and give your body some time and space to step into the spa. We’ll provide the oils.


Essential Oils to Soothe the Body 

The world is filled with much tension and anxiety. Even while we are isolated at home, online voices are clamoring for our attention and intruding into our minds. We’re alone - and yet without a moment’s peace. Surrounded by negativity and stuck in one place for long periods of time, our bodies take strain and manifest stored up tension. 

Essential oils can ease the pain with beautiful care. In your home spa, allow your body to experience the gentle and therapeutic embrace of nature. The soothing aromas will naturally help your body and mind to relax. Add a few drops into a diffuser or simply massage with a carrier oil into your skin. Unwinding has never been easier.  

Oregano oil eases out achy joints.

Frankincense Frereana oil will ease and relax tight, sore muscles, while  Petitgrain oil targets muscle spasms.

Balsam copaiba oil relieves overall pain, while  Hemp seed oil has excellent anti-inflammatory benefits.

Use our Citrus Volcano blend to give you an energetic start to the day.


Essential Oils to Capture your Radiance

Not only will you find pain relief and relaxation in your home spa, but you will also get treated to some of the purest, most indulgent beauty care! Don’t be shy to love your own skin – it’s your truest, most natural forever-space, and it deserves some spoiling. Capture your skin’s glowing essence and enjoy being authentically ‘you’. 

Essential oils

To revive glowing health and beauty, from inside out, essential oils offer a pure spa treatment to keep you caring for your skin, and stepping into every day with confidence – revitalized and uplifted. 

Carrot seed and  Grapeseed oils are ideal for providing restoration and nurture to your skin, while  Geranium Rose gives it a healthy glow.

As an aromatic essential in any perfumer’s kit,  Jasmine extract is a basic addition to your beauty routine - soothing dry skin and promoting cell regeneration

Youthful bliss blend will keep your skin young and radiant, the natural way.

As an online  essential oils store, Sanctus Essence is committed to bringing the abundant beautiful offerings of nature into your home – turning it into a spa that honors the pure heart of the earth. 

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To complement your  essential oils, you will need the perfect carrier oil. Find out why carrier oils are necessary and how to use them here.


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